Camp Keyes Update 2 December 2016

1. Ticket Prices from the Orlando MWR Ticket Office

Attached you will find our current price list and/or credit card authorization, which you may purchase tickets over the phone, we charge $10.00to mail in tickets via Fed Ex. It also includes all of directions to our office. We do not have a website and our price list is updated around the first of every month.

Please note that Disney and Universal offer Florida resident &non-resident prices. ALL tickets are subject to availability; please call first to make sure we have them instock.

Disney is once again offering the Military Salute Pass to U.S. Military members (active, reserve, retired, national guard, and DAV w/valid military ID card) up to a total of 6 (including the sponsor). ***These tickets are subject to restrictions and blackout dates*** Not valid for coalition forces or DoD civilians. Sponsors or their spouse must be present to activate tickets the 1st time they are used.

U.S. Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard, and coast guard can get in FREE to Sea World or Busch Gardens once per year (and up to 3 direct dependents free). You can fill out the form online at or go straight to the park with your military IDs & fill it out there. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. MWR/ITT Orlando 407-855-0116.

2. Pine Grove Free Bird Hunt

Pine Grove Programs & Wildwind Kennels are sponsored a free Tribute Upland Bird Hunt for active duty and veterans of the armed services on 16 & 17 Dec 16.


WHEN: DECEMBER 16, 2016, 1200- 1400 HR

DECEMBER 17, 2016, 0800 – 1200 HR

DECEMBER 17, 2016, 1200 – 1600 HR

YOU WILL NEED:A shotgun (recommended 12 or 20 Gauge)and ammunition, proper attire including at least two items of FluorescentOrange .

NOTE: No license is required.

WEWILL PROVIDE: Lunch, an orientation to hunting with the dogs, three+ hoursof hunting in cover for released birds, and a very memorable experience.

TO RESERVE A SPOT: Email Andrea at < > with the date and time you would like to attend.

TO INQUIRE ABOUT VOLUNTEERING AS A DOG HANDLER: Contact Event Coordinator, David Giampetruzzi at 207-242-2741 or email him at < >

3. 2017 Commissary Scholarship opens 13 Dec 16.

For more information please go to:

4. 2017-2018 James Ursano Scholarship – Army only – opens Jan 17

5. How to stay safe in a world that isn’t always a safe place to be.

Force Protection Brief – regarding last week’s terror attack in Ohio. It is
reported that a radicalized refugee ran over students with his car, then
jumped out attacking others with a large knife. You should already know
foreign terrorist organizations have been encouraging such attacks, since
these reports have been on the news and are part of regular Force
protection Briefings.

Let’s consider this a timely update, education brief, to the “what if” in
the unlikely event you are ever in a similar situation. Also, take the
time to ensure you let your personnel, family and loved ones know the
basics as well. Leaders, you should review your plans.

First off – regardless of if the person has a gun, sword or car – it’s time
for you to take action.

So, remember the basics:
RUN, HIDE FIGHT ( in that order) – or you may prefer the phrase – AVOID,

1) AVOID (RUN) It probably means you evacuating the area, AWAY from the

2) DENY (HIDE) when getting away is difficult or maybe even impossible,
keep distance and barriers between you and the threat (Hide, lights off,
doors locked, phones on silent…)

3) DEFEND (FIGHT) because you ALWAYS have the right to protect yourself.
Your last resort. Be prepared to defend yourself -be aggressive and
committed to your actions. THIS IS ABOUT SURVIVAL.

With this last principle in mind, look at the attached picture – it was
widely shared on the news and social media, and ask yourself – did they
“AVOID, DENY, DEFEND?” The students claimed they heard shots fired (turns
out that was a police officer killing the terrorist, the students just
didn’t know yet) but were these students prepared to defend (fight) if the
shooter burst into their classroom?

DO NOT – automatically lock your door, and shut off lights. Running may be
(and is probably) the better option.
DO NOT – run to a “rally point”, or assembly area DO NOT – act like a
supervisor and try to get accountability of your people (until AFTER the
threat is cleared) DO NOT – care about anything except making it out of the
event alive. This is a hard one. This includes do not stop to help others
if it puts you in harm’s way as well. Others died doing just this, because
the shooter came back. Even the police won’t stop to help people until the
threat is over. If they don’t – you shouldn’t.
DO NOT expect to return to the crime scene anytime soon. After some
attacks, it was days before employees were allowed to re-enter the crime
scenes. That means, no CACs, no car keys, etc, but at least you’re alive.

6. TSP Year-end transaction processing schedule —

The TSP processing schedule for the end of 2016 is shown below. The schedule includes information about when transactions (including withdrawals and monthly payments) will be processed, as well as when the TSP will be closed during the holiday season.

* December 15 — The deadline for the TSP to receive a request for an annual change in monthly payments is December 15. This deadline applies only to participants who are in monthly payment status.
* December 19 — TSP monthly payments that are normally scheduled to be processed between December 20 and December 31 will be processed on December 19, along with the December 19 payments that are regularly scheduled for that date. For income tax purposes, these payments will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service as income for 2016.
* December 20 — Any residual 2016 required minimum distribution (RMD) amounts for beneficiary participants will be processed on December 20. For income tax purposes, these payments will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service as income for 2016.
* December 21 — Any residual 2016 required minimum distribution (RMD) amounts for civilian and uniformed service participants will be processed on December 21. For income tax purposes, these payments will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service as income for 2016.
* December 26 — Because Monday December 26 is a Federal holiday, the TSP will be closed. Transactions that would have been processed Monday night (December 26) will be processed Tuesday night (December 27) at Tuesday’s closing share prices.
* December 27 — Withdrawals processed through December 27 will be disbursed and reported to the IRS as income for 2016.
* December 28–29 — Withdrawals processed on December 28–29 will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service as income for 2017. The payments (checks and EFTs) are expected to be issued on January 3, 2017.
* December 30 — Withdrawals processed on December 30 will be reported to the IRS as income for 2017. The payments (checks and EFTs) are expected to be issued on January 4, 2017.
* January 2, 2017 — Because January 2 is a Federal holiday, the TSP will be closed. Transactions that would have been processed Monday night (January 2) will be processed Tuesday night (January 3) at Tuesday’s closing share prices.

7. Osco/Shaw’s discount – active duty and retired military members

Please see the attached coupon for a discount at Shaw when you stop by the Osco pharmacy and show your military ID card. No purchase necessary.

8. Child and Youth Program Events

We have so many wonderful things coming up in the Youth office. Be sure to
register today!
For more details on any of these events, please see the attached flyers.
Always feel free to contact us with questions!

***Augusta Armory will have stocker stuffers for all service members to pick
up for their dependents.
Stop by the Armory Sunday 11am-1pm in the Youth Office off the drill hall
floor. ***

17DEC 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Teen Panel Meeting
Augusta, ME
Ages 13-18
Registration Link:

17 Dec 3:00pm – 5:00 pm
Holiday Cheer at the Blaine House
Augusta, ME
Fun for the whole family

27 DEC
Mad Science and More! 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Augusta, ME
Ages 6-12 (13-18 year olds can volunteer)
Augusta registration link:

28 DEC
Mad Science and More! 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Portland, ME
Ages 6-12 (13-18 year olds can volunteer)
Portland registration link:

29 DEC
Mad Science and More! 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Bangor, ME
Ages 6-12 (13-18 year olds can volunteer)
Bangor Registration link:

February Break Superhero Kit (activity packet)
Ages 6-12 Register early before we run out.

Save the date 18 Feb. Read To Me/book swap all ages event. Waterville area.

21 FEB 9:00 am – 22 FEB 8:00 am
Superhero Training Sleepover
$10 per child
Waterville area
Ages 6-12 (13-18 year olds can volunteer)

Youth Camp
Week 1: 9-15 July 2017
Week 2: 16-22 July 2017
JC –
Adult –
Camper –
*Family discount available with 4 or more children. Contact our office for
more details.
*There is a $25 late fee per child if payment is not received by June 1st

9. Request for support of Togus VA Christmas Celebration – 16 Dec

Please the attached request for support of theTogus VA Christmas Celebration.

The American Legion is looking for volunteers to attend a Christmas celebration at the VA in Togus
on 12/16/2016. All the details are in the attached document. The POC at the
legion said he’d like to have air and army national guardsmen to interface
with the patients that are long-term. If anyone Technician or AGR would like to volunteer,
they should run it by their supervisor first–if they’re employed by the
MENG–and then contact the POMSO office. We’ll keep a list of who will be
attending, so that we can let the POC know if he’s got support or not. POC is LT Howard (207) 430-6776

10. Employment

a. The State of Maine has an immediate need for thier help desk and can use 2 Veterans with customer service skills and IT skills that are a little more than average with computers -but it is not major technical for these roles – no programming. We pay about 17.50 -18.50/hour depends on skills.

b. Goodwill Industries – openings in Maine

Please see the attached list.

Wendy J. Moody
Skyline Ultd Inc., Contractor
Maine Transition Assistance Advisor (TAA)
Work: (207) 430-5778
Fax: (207) 626-4218

SURVEY: Your satisfaction is important to us. Please take 30 seconds to let us know how we’re doing!
Click here: CustomerSatisfaction2014

Providing direction to state and federal benefits with compassion of someone who has been there….All service members and veterans…All branches and components.

  • NOVEMBER 18,…PRICE LIST…pdf (541 KB)
  • Apprenticeship Brochure-2.pdf (831 KB)
  • Open Job…for Maine.pdf (124 KB)
  • Osco Shaw’s…coupon.pdf (941 KB)
  • 17-22…Christmas Celebration.pdf (261 KB)
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