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The Finance committee discussed veterans day  free membership and voted to kill it during the HQ budget meeting yesterday. I tried to explain the value to Posts but Jim King and Jimmy T Smith agued it wasn’t productive and the committee voted to stop the initiative.

Harry Neal

AMVETS National Membership Director


US Army Infantry

Eagle Card     

This is a valuable tool and we must come together to keep this tool available for our membership to grow. It is not the tool that is not working it is not making the veteran feel welcome and wanted after he gets their free membership in AMVETS. We must learn how to make the veteran a valuable member of the post. If AMVETS want to grow its membership this tool is one of the ways that this can be done. We cannot allow this tool to be lost.. Maybe National should look into how they can have the post feel needed and wanted as a valuable member of the post and come up with suggestions that all posts could use.

Time for the NEC’s to make this happen


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