FREE Service that provides education, support, and empowers family members and friends seeking care or services for a Veteran in their life

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Coaching Into Care!

Coaching into Care – A tool for family members and friends of Veterans
Coaching into Care  1-888-823-7458
Hours of operation:  Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (EST)
Veterans Affairs is proud to serve our Veterans each and every day; often in that service we encounter friends and family members who state concerns for the well-being of their Veteran.  There is a resource that is readily available for distribution.  The program is called Coaching into Care.
Coaching into Care is a free national telephone service of the VA.  The program is intended to provide education, support, and it serves to empower family members and friends who are seeking care or services for a Veteran in their life.  If a family member or other loved one calls Coaching into Care they can be assisted in finding appropriate services at their local VA facility, or in their community.  This service also provides coaching to family and friends of Veterans who see that the Veteran in their life is struggling with stressors, transitions, and other adjustment challenges. 
The Coaching is free-of-charge and provided by licensed psychologists and social workers.  A coaching session involves assisting the caller to problem solve ways to motivate the Veteran to seek treatment.  The Coaching into Care representative can assist the caller with tips about how to have conversations regarding treatment with a loved one who is a Veteran.  They can provide the caller with helpful information about mental health and other services available at the VA.
What can the caller expect:
Length of call:  10-30 minutes depending on the issue.  This call may require some follow up calls with the same coach.
Cost:  FREE
When a family member or friend calls, they will speak with a team member of the Coaching into Care group who specializes in helping callers determine services available, how to navigate the VA, and discussions about the best way to assist the Veteran. 
Please let the Suicide Prevention Team know if you need some of these cards or brochures in your area!
Thank you from the Maine VA Suicide Prevention Team!
Tracy D. Charette, RN
VA Maine Suicide Prevention Team
Ph: 207-623-8411 X2961 or X5017


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