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agreeI don’t remember  the 3 week waiting for approval and submitting post fundraisers to a committee, I do have memory problems with my conditionNj will consider posting a CBL change in this matter to remove this sectionI
Thank you
PS  I stated it may be mistake, Your Staff is excellent  
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That said, in line with what you said, I have yet to see a post submit such a proposal to the national committee.

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Do you have a copy of a prior year’s CBL that doesn’t have language about three weeks?

Here is last year’s:

Here is 2016-2017:

I am not sure how long ago it was added, but I am told it was years ago. It has been in there for at least before I came aboard three years ago.

Again, note that the failed CBL amendment shows that language already being in there, as only the red paragraph was new. That amendment was written by the CBL review committee, which was several long-time leaders of the organization.

I will continue researching this, but I am certainly my staff did not add this anytime recently.



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Look at previous CBL, Post  never had to ask permission and wait 3 weeks,  this is new

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It’s my understanding the language you just quoted has been in the CBL for many years. If you look at the proposed amendment, it was only looking to add the second paragraph, which was shown in red. The rest of that amendment has been in the CBL.

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Yes  Incorrect

Need to be remove,  Someone inserted this section after the body voted No on CBL3-4

This was never in the CBL

section 3. (a) No public fundraising project or program of any kind or character shall be undertaken by or on behalf of any post or combination of posts or subordinate thereof unless the contract, agreement or other arrangement under which such a project or program is to operate has first been submitted for the prior approval of the department judge advocate and then to a standing committee of the national organization composed of the president of the National Service Foundation, the national judge advocate and the National Commander. The National Executive Director and the executive director of the National Service Foundation shall be ex-officio members of this committee. The committee shall render a decision within three weeks on all matters submitted to it. In the event of an adverse decision by said committee, an appeal may be made to the National Executive Committee at its next session. A public fundraising project is defined as any project or program involving a solicitation or request to nonmembers of AMVETS for a donation or pertaining to the sale of merchandise, goods, tickets, or advertising matter of any kind or character. In the event of an adverse decision by the department judge advocate, an appeal may be made at the next state executive committee meeting. Its action shall be final. Any fundraising project or program conducted by a post or any combination of posts

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Upon further review, it appears that our current constitution and bylaws are correct as published online. They do not reflect, as far as I see, the proposed amendment that failed last year. The requirement of submitting fundraising plans at the department or district level for review by the fundraising committee have long been in effect. It was only clarifying language that was defeated. Article IX, Section 7 remains vague because the proposed amendment failed to pass. Do I have that incorrect?

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I was reviewing the CBL, I notice a mistake, CBL 3-4 was rejected by the body at last year convention

Now it listed as part of the CBL  Section 3 A

This mistake must be corrected

Subject: Check out Microsoft Word – Draft CBL 3 – Department Organization

Microsoft Word – Draft CBL 3 – Department Organization

Go to CBL

Section 3   A

  Please review and correct this mistake   Section A  3 weeks for post approval was rejected last year

 Section A 4 paragraphs  must be remove,since it was rejected

Please correct this mistake


Fred Vineyard

Post expires at 3:49pm on Wednesday August 7th, 2019

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