Maine Today Media Op-Ed Correction: Rep. Poliquin Has Refused Special Congressional Health Care and Thrift Saving Retirement Benefits

Rep. Poliquin reiterates he does not accept special health or retirement benefits other Members of Congress take, works in his office every week without falsely-alleged burden to taxpayer

WASHINGTON –Today, the Portland Press Herald published an article written by Cynthia Dill that is completely false, dishonest to its readers and based on personal, inaccurate attacks, specifically falsely claiming that Congressman Bruce Poliquin (ME-02) benefits from a special Congressional health care plan.

Contrary to the narrative pushed in the published piece, built on numerous inaccuracies, Congressman Poliquin—on Day One in office—chose not to accept any special health care benefits or the Thrift Savings retirement plan afforded to Members of Congress.

In addition, directly in contradiction to the false, published article, Congressman Poliquin released a statement on the day of the President’s announcement of his budget proposal specifically outlining pieces with which he did not agree, including the substantial reduction in funding for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG’s), which is cited in the false, published article.

Congressman Poliquin lives in Maine and works in his office during the week when he is in Washington, D.C., so he can focus all of his time working on behalf of the families of Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. He chooses to sleep in his office, without any additional costs or burdens to the taxpayer in any way, shape or form, again, in direct contradiction to the false and dishonest article published by the Portland Press Herald.

Items to Note:

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·         March 16, 2017: Rep. Poliquin’s Statement on the President’s Budget Proposal


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