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Help with your new Post leadership transition. Show them the ropes and the potholes. The new leaders need to hit the ground running. Team up to contact members that have not renewed. Numbers are attached. We still have 20,000 members in the wings. Get them to take a seat. Make plans to recruit. Get the AMVETS word out. If you have an event send membership the 5 W’s (think back) and an address and we will send you brochures, coasters and ovals. Some Depts have stocks of brochures, let them know your plans.


Membership Recruiting- What are your plans?

Memorial Day (National on the DC Mall 3 Days stop by) Make your Memorial Day plans. It is our opportunity to remind America of thesacrifices made, the lives lost. AMVETS has a personal connection and an obligation.


14 June Flag Day (AMVETS National Commander Speaking at Flag Foundation) Great opportunity to show your community why the flag is held so high by vets.   Email yourplans and address tomembersupport@amvets.organd we will send you 20 Flag pins. (Attachments) The Post handout attached is in word so you can put in your post name and phone number. Call if you need help.


Online revalidations

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Revalidations are due on 15 July but don’t wait get it done online. Go paperless this year. The online Post revalidation is revamped. It will automatically send a copy to the revalidating officer, your Dept ED and National.

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You will need membership numbers. No paper involved, hug a tree. 


Question; How long would it take to give away 20 flag pins. Probably the first 10 people to walk by your table would deplete your 20. Each pin represents an opportunity to engage a veteran. Always attach it to an AMVETS message. Pin it to a coaster, brochure, business card or a post flyer. Make the pin work for you.

Let membersupport@amvets.orgknow your plans and dates and address and we will support AMVETS recruiting initiatives.

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Recruit 5 Member Drive

You get a challenge coin for every 5 members you bring in. We are giving away three Laptops loaded with MS Office! You are also entered in a one week California vacation for two, which is awarded at convention. Laptops are courtesy of USAA

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Image result for balloons confetti

The winner is!!!!! Gary Prehauser OH-1991

Gary is  second laptop winner in the Recruit 5 Member Drive. His secret to success is “just ask” . Many veterans say they aren’t members because no one has asked them to join. He is now in the running for the 1 week paid vacation at the Carlsbad Resort in

California. Get in the game! The green hat form is attached. Print one for all your members.

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Image result for balloons confetti
Image result for balloons confetti


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New Post Leaders!

Who is filing your Post 990? How can you check if your Post is recognized by the IRS as a 501c19? What is my Posts ein number (look on your online revalidation form)?

Here are 3 tools you can use to manage your Post.


                                                                                                                                         IRS Select Check

Recruit 5 member Drive Gary Prehauser of Ohio wont the laptop and is in the running for the one week vacation for 2 at the beautiful Carlsbad Resort. You can still get in the game. The contest end on


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Thanks for all you do to help veterans.

Harry Neal

AMVETS National Membership Director   


US Army Infantry
Eagle Card


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