Members being hospitalized

This is a good Idea and it is one way to stay in touch with our sick and injured Veterans Nice Going Norman.

All Post please post in your post homes


Hey Leon  I just got out of hospital, and while I was in there I got to thinking, It would be a great thing to get a visit from a member of the Dept.

I talked to Commander Dewitt and he agreed.

So if you can post this and all post commanders take note. If you have one of your members in the hospital contact me and i will visit our members that are patients, I really believe it makes a difference for a member knowing we really do care. so if you have a member in hospital contact me     Home 514-0489   cell  440-3033   or my office 846-9644. Hope all will keep me in the loop

Thank you so much

Norman Newell

Dept of Me  Service Officer VAVS

AMVETS Post 2 Commander

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