Post 1 in Biddeford February Newsletter and Calendar

Post # 1 Newsletter Editor
AMVETS Post #1 Commander
Adjutant: J. E. “Gene” Foster
Tinou Lamontagne
January 2017 is already in the books. America has a new President and Post 1 also needs new members and we need current
members to think about taking on one of the Post Officer positions. Elections are coming up – nominations will be open in April with
the election in May. However, there are always open positions for non-elected offices. Those are appointed positions – appointed by
the Post Commander. There is plenty of opportunity and we’re willing to teach! Ask some questions and give it some thought.If you have any questions or just want to see what goes on at a Post 1 AMVETS meeting, you have an opportunity to find out – maybe get some answers. Our February meeting is scheduled for Sunday,
the 19th at 9:00 AM. An AMVET in good standing is welcome to attend any AMVETS meeting and have a say if they choose. It’s a Veterans’ post and it’s Veterans who run it. Make this the year you
step forward. Maybe an officer position is something that would interest you. Maybe not. That’s OK.
Officer or not, your opinion is important and you have a voice at our meetings.
Post 1 combined total for charitable donations, community service, and Veteran support for 2016 was over $115,000. That
wasn’t an accident; it took a lot of effort, volunteering, and hard work by Post 1 – and that $115,000 would not have been recorded if
folks didn’t turn in their Volunteer Service Reports. Those reports are the only way we have of keeping track of the good things we
do. But now it’s a new year – January is already done. Did you do something for the Post, donate an item, and volunteer someplace?
Please take a moment, put a little information on the Volunteer Service Report, and pass it along to the bartender, Post Officer, or post
mail box.
January’s breakfast had to compete with snowy weather but we still had an above average crowd – probably because AMVETS
breakfasts are still the best deal in town! And a great breakfast doesn’t just happen – it takes a great kitchen crew that works like a
team. They are: Grill Master Dickie Thibodeau, Meat Minder Potato Passer Paul Thibodeau, Toastmaster Bobby Bourgault, Clean
Dish Jockey Larry Foster, Bus Runner Dave Field, finally, Egg Cracker and Team Leader this year, Guy Gowan.
The February breakfast will be Sunday, February 12
8 to 11 AM. All proceeds from this breakfast will go toward the
Biddeford High School scholarship.
Friday night 50/50 will continue to benefit the AMVETS disabled Veteran annual Maine moose hunt. Each year Post 1 helps
contribute to that fund. For $3000, a disabled Maine AMVET get an all expense paid moose hunt. The hunt includes moose tag,
guides, meals, transportation, dressing and packaging the moose.
As long as we have to wait until spring weather, the Post will host Friday Night Game Night with plenty of table games and
activities. Don’t just ‘vege-out’ on Friday night; join your friends at the Post for games, food, and fun.
Our thoughts are with long-time life member Robert Borgault who has under gone heart bypass surgery. At one time or
another, Bob has held almost every AMVETS office at Post 1. Until his surgery, he was a regular member at AMVETS meetings.
Behind the scenes in the corner of the kitchen, he commendably executed the duties of toastmaster for every breakfast. We miss him
around here and anxiously await his return.
Don’t forget to renew your dues – it’s that time again! Hope to see you all at the next meeting, February 1
at 6:00 PM. Here’s
wishing a speedy recovery from hip replacement surgery for Ladies Auxiliary 1
Vice, Lynda Mouzas – get better fast!
If you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to renew your annual dues. Get them in before the last minute rush. Our February meeting
is Sunday the 12th
at 11:00 AM, right after breakfast!
AMVET Post #1, Biddeford, Maine
Calendar for
1 2 3 4
Don’t miss Super Bowl Sunday @ Post 1! Day Charity
Function Hall Dart
Ladies Auxiliary Dart League in Post 1 Tournament
6 PM Meeting Function Hall Game Night!
noon – close
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
SUPER BOWL Dart League in Post 1 Function Hall
SUNDAY Function Hall Game Night! Party 5 – 10 PM
12 13
15 16 17 18
7 – 11 am
SONS Meet 11am Function Hall
Dart League in Post 1 Private Party
Function Hall Game Night! 6 to Close
19 20 22 21 23 24 25
Meet 9:00: AM HOLIDAY
(Presidents’ Day)
Dart League in Post 1
Function Hall Game Night!
26 27 28
Into Sports?  Celtics Basketball?  Winter Olympics?  Boston Bruins Hocky?  NCAA Basketball?  Pro Golf?  Darts?  Pool?
  Stop in and check out all our entertainment equipment and facilities.
Big screen TV’s.  Dart machines.  Video Games.  Competition grade pool table.
  Think we need something else?  Let us know!
We want you, our members, to think AMVETS first for your entertainment!
The next D.E.C. meeting will be Sunday, May 21st, in Yarmouth at Post 2 – not that far away.
Also, if you’re planning to attend AMVETS Convention in June, this D.E.C. meeting counts toward the 3 for reimbursement.
HALL RENTAL  As an AMVET, you are encouraged and invited to make use of our hall.  Many dates are available and rates
are low.  Please consider your AMVETS Hall for your next party, reception, shower, birthday, or any function where extra room,
as well as additional facilities, would be a plus.
E-mail – or at our Post Address: Adjutant
AMVETS Post # 1
147 Alfred Street
Biddeford, Maine  04005
Post Officers
Commander 1st Vice Cdr. 2nd Vice Cdr. Finance Officer 1-Year Trustee 2-Year Trustee 3-Year Trustee
Tinou Lamontagne Rey Souliere (vacant) Jim Thibodeau Guy Gowan Shelley Pelleteier Bill Thibodeau

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