Post 2001 Augusta

POST 2001
Pine Tree Post 887 – VFW
Augusta, Maine 04330
5:00 PM, 27 June 2017
Opening of AMVETS Post 2001:
Meeting led by Commander Jim Laflin.
Roll Call of Officers: Commander Present
1st Vice Present
Adjutant Excused
Finance Officer Present
Chaplain Present
Provost Marshall Excused
Service Officer Present
Judge Advocate Excused
: 9 members present for the meeting
Reading of Minutes:
Minutes were not read. Motion made by Busta Ellis the
minutes will be read at next meeting. Seconded by Kelley Wynne. Motion passes.
1st Vice Commander’s report:
Harry reported only one renewal for 2017/2018
memberships at this time. AMVETS
Programs Reporting is up to date. The June
activities have to be reported as soon as possible to close the reporting for first half of the year, with new programs beginning in July.
Bills and communications:
Finance Report
: Mike Coyne read the finance report. He also explained the details
of the raffle recently conducted. The share, all purpose and checking account balances are posted. Balance totals were read to membership.
Mike also restated that the White Clover fund-raiser at the Red Barn Restaurant was a huge success. Our members collected $300.42. The owner matched the amount raised and handed Commander Laflin a check for $500.00. Our membership made
the motion to send a check for $300.42 to Department of Maine AMVETS, and we deposited the $500.00 into our checking account. Motion to accept by Busta,
seconded by Harry Stickney. Motion passes.
Kelley Wynne gave a quick overview of Maine Veterans Cemetery projects. The old,condemned Memorial Chapel will be leveled soon. The lot will have monument with panels of stained glass and construction steel made into the Fr. Leonard LeClair Memorial. This will become a grassy area with benches and flowers.
At the last MVCC meeting the speaker talked of changes to the 100% disability
payments. Unless the recipient is100% unemployable,or has PTSD, the benefits will be lowered to 70% or less
. Motion to accept by Busta, seconded by Mike Coyne.
Motion passes.
James Ware reported of a new concept at the USVA. The VSO’s will be preparing a ‘Mission Ready Claim’ that will require all supporting documents be ready to go and the claim should be processed in 30 days. He also elaborated on the report given at the MVCC regarding disabilities payments. Motion to accept by Busta, seconded by
Kelley. Motion passes.
Commander Laflin’s Report:
AMVETS District 1raffle results: Maine received one $1000.00 and two
$200.00 prizes. ( Posts 2001, 25 and 33)
All states are having trouble recruiting new members
DEC meetings for 2017/2018 are posted on Maine AMVETS website.
Would Post 2001 be interested a hospitality suite at 2018 Convention? Yes.
Who has photographs of award presentations at the Red Barn?
2019-2020 AMVETS Convention will be at Merry Manor in S. Portland
Next DEC will be July 9, 2017 at Post 6 in Gray-New Gloucester.
The only candidate for 2017 Freedom’s Foundation is Busta’s grandchild.
Motion to accept report by Busta, seconded by Kelley. Motion passes.
Motion for adjournment:
Don Prew made motion, seconded by Kelley Wynne.
Motion passes.
Next meeting: Will be (informal) held on July 27, 2017at 5:00PM @ Post 887.
Respectfully submitted
Harry J. Stickney
Roland Choate, Jr

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