Post 1 Biddeford

Post 1 Biddeford Newsletter 2015-07

Post # 1 Newsletter Editor AMVETS Post #1 Commander

Adjutant: J. E. “Gene” Foster Rob Rogers


Thank you everyone! Guests! Sons of AMVETS! Ladies Auxiliary! Veterans!

Post 1 Membership Appreciation Day 2015 was everything it should be and could be!

Our annual membership appreciation day was a huge success on a number of counts. Post 1 came home from convention with four awards. They are – for large post: AMVETS Department of Maine Americanism Award

AMVETS Department of Maine Veterans Services Award

Post 1 also was the overall winner of the Department of Maine Traveling Membership Trophy. This is the second year for that award. If Post 1 gets more new members than any other post in Maine this year, that will be three years in a row and the Traveling Trophy will be permanently housed at Post 1!

Last but not least, Post 1 also won the traveling plaque for the post that sells the most 6-month calendars. This is the 4th year in a row for that honor. It will be a challenge to keep that award for another year as several posts have vowed to out-do Post 1 selling 6-month calendars. Since there is room for only one more winning post on that plaque. Whichever post gets the plaque, and the last spot on the plaque, the plaque will be retired and the winning post will get to keep it. If Post 1 is again successful, the plaque will be ours for good. Also, as an added incentive, the post winning the plaque will have earned hospitality room reimbursement for one night at 2016 convention. No reason that can’t be Post 1!

Membership appreciation day also provides everyone the opportunity to socialize, play games, and enjoy a complimentary lunch consisting of BBQ burgers, hot dogs, several salads, chili, and a wide variety of condiments. Also, this 2015 membership appreciation day honors our latest “past” Post 1 Commander, Mr. Lamotagne, as well as welcomes our new Post 1 Commander, Mr. Rob Rogers – both of whom worked together to coordinate efforts that resulted in a very successful Membership Appreciation Day.

About the Post kitchen . . . If you have taken a look in our kitchen, you may notice something missing – almost everything! It’s been several years in the talking stage but finally the work has begun. Everything has been removed. The old floor ripped out and new under-layment installed. The ceiling is being painted and walls are industrially cleaned. The finished product will feature a new cooler, new table, new 3-bay sink, as well as other upgrades. This project got on the fast track with a generous donation from the National Sons of AMVETS. Without their generosity, this project would still be on hold. Thank you Sons!

The next D.E.C. meeting is Sunday, 12 July in Augusta at 11:00. The Post 1 July meeting will be Sunday, 19 July at 9 AM.


Congratulations Barbara Jackson – Department of Maine AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, “Woman of the Year”!

A well deserved honor, Barbara; you certainly have earned it and in the opinion of this newsletter editor, long overdue.

We are taking a break and have not scheduled any Wednesday meetings for July or August. Our next regular meeting will be Wednesday, September 2nd. Meanwhile, keep up the good work and be sure to report your hours and activities that benefit the Auxiliary or the Post. Your efforts are always appreciated and noteworthy – so take a moment and turn is a service report.


Like the Ladies Auxiliary, we too have no regular meetings scheduled this summer. But we do have one “whopper” of a meeting on Saturday, July 18th. AMVETS Squadron 1 will host a National Sons of AMVETS meeting that day. This would be a great time for as many Sons as possible show up and see what who our National Officers are and what they’re up to. Opportunities like this are few and far between – don’t miss it.

Don’t forget; every Friday night is Game Night at Post 1. Happy hour prices! Food! Prizes! 50/50!