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Maine Veterans, have you been to the V A to try to get help with anything that might be service connected, and you feel like you have run into a brick wall, don’t give up or if you haven’t tried, its there for you. If you have questions  call Norm Newell  Dept of Maine Service Officer. at 207-440-3033 or 207-514-0489. I have been helping Veterans  and taking then to Togus for claims  and appointments. I have no idea how many vets i have taken up for claims  its definitly in the hundreds. Veterans that had no idea they had problems caused by military service,
 If you think that perhaps something might be a problem from your service lets check it out, call me and we can discuss it. you never know, remember that your not asking the government  for anything, You earned anything you get from the V A one example  i had a homeless veteran on the first homeless stand down come and talk to me, he had severe PTSD  he was from Hawaii  made a call to the V A in hawaii and found out he had talked to them then left to live on the streets, The V A had been looking for him. When the day was done he had been serviced connected  and received a checked for over $400,000  not bad for the poor guy walking  the streets.
 So you have nothing to lose  give me a call  we can talk  maybe i can help you. It doesn’t cost you anything.

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