National District One

 AMVETS National District # 1


 Officers and Meeting’s for the year 2018-2019 


District # 1 Commander 

James Spreng

16 S. Parker Ave. 

Atlantic City NJ 08401



District # 1 !st Vice Commander 

Leon Proctor

C#  1-603-878-0656

H# 1-207-595-1169 9c)

Adjutant District #1

Dana Dillion

24 East St.


CT. 06076


Judge Advocate District #1

Marty Ashmand

C# 1-607-722-0673

H# 1-607-372-1489

Finance Officer District #1

PDC Doug Newell

C# 1-860-416-8301

Chaplin District #1

James Laflin

# 1-207-685-3152

Provost Marshal District #1

Lester Baker SR

C# 1-585-610-7609

H# 1-585-968-3618

Deputy Provost Marshal District #1

Robert O’Connell


Communications Officer:

Leon Proctor

Tel: 603-878-0656 (h) 207-595-1169 9c)




Minutes for October District One Meeting Scan

Meetings For District One are as scheduled:

Scheduled Meetings for District One

Dates for Meeting’s working on them and locations

Atlantic City Nov 2,3,4th 2018


Long Island or Binghamton

waiting for price’s

Date: November 2-4 2018

Place:  Claridge Hotel

123 S. Indiana Ave.

Atlantic City, NJ

Reservations:1-844-460-0694 Mention AMVETS Veterans

Cutoff Date:

Room Rate: $ 99.00 plus tax ( city& State)

Parking $ 5.00 per day  self parking $ 15.00 for Valet parking Mention AMVETS Veterans for the discount

Buffet dinner $ 30.00 per person

Beef, Chicken, mashed potatoes, sea-food, bread, coffee


Make own reservations for hotel

Send check to me for the dinner

Jim Spreng

16 S. Parker Ave

Atlantic City NJ 084011-609-892-5240




Date: January 11,12,13 2019

Place : Sturbridge Host Hotel

366 Main Street

Sturbridge, MA 01566

Reservations : 1-508-347-7393

Cutoff Date:December 21,2018

Room Rates: single and double 99.00 + tax

Saturday night meal is Turkey Dinner with Apple Crisp at $30.00 per person


Date; May 3.4.&2019

Place: Long Island NY

Further information will be coming soon




National District One Department Commanders and NEC


Department of Connecticut

Commander- James Neeland     E-Mail:     Phone # 1-860- 928- 3940.

NEC_ Dana Dillion  E-Mail:  Phone1-860-428-1009


Department of Maine

Commander- Jerry DeWitt  E-Mail;

Phone 1-207-576-0376

NEC James Laflin E-Mail:

Phone; 1-207-685-3152 (h)   1-207-242-3080 (c)


Department of Massachusetts

Commander- Dean Thayer  E-Mail:

Phone: 1-978-914-2183

NEC- Don McLean  E-Mail:

Phone; 1-617-943-4337


Department of New Jersey

Commander- James Spreng  E-Mail:

Phone : 1-609-526-4356

NEC- Stephen Viglietta E-Mail: Phone 1-609-526-4356



Department of New York

Commander-James Gardner  E-Mail:

Phone: 315-764-9316

NEC- Jack Gray  E-Mail:

Phone: 1-516-987-2952


Department of Rhode Island

Commander- Sean Regan  E-Mail:

NEC- Daniel Green   E-Mail :







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