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  • 1. Christmas Across Maine – Deadline is Dec 4th. *** This coming

    The MEARNG Family Program is accepting names for our annual
    Christmas Across Maine program. We know there are more
    Families out there that could benefit from this program, so we need your
    help to ensure this message is getting down to the individual Soldier level.

    In order to protect the pride of our Soldiers, we keep the information
    anonymous so Soldiers need not worry about their names getting back to
    their peers. These programs are directed for Soldiers who are in need, or
    in financial crisis and not those that are financially stable. In order to
    ensure the correct Soldiers are being assisted we added an income
    requirement to qualify for this program (attached). We understand that
    there are always extenuating circumstances so we will take a look at all

    How can you help?

    – Announce the program during your December drill formations. Generic
    Announcement: “Do you need help providing a meal, or gifts to
    your children this year? If so, the Maine Army National Guard Family
    Program can help you. Please get with (insert 1SG name or POC) or see the
    flier (state flier location) for more information.”

    -If you are aware of Soldiers within your unit who are or may be
    experiencing financial difficulties this Holiday Season, refer them to the
    FAC (ensure you notify the SM of the referral) so that we can help them.
    -Volunteer space at your armories to allow us to store gifts for pick-up by

    For more information please contact Mrs. Tracy Richard at
    tracy.l.richard8.ctr@mail.mil or at 430-5781.

    2. Veterans Reiki Project

    The Veterans Reiki Project
    Clinic dates the first Thursday of the month
    62 Portland Rd
    Suite 42
    Kennebunk ME 04043
    Email: firstacadia@gmail.com

    3. Military OneSource December Webinar and Newsletter

    The holiday season is here, and the military community is bustling with its
    traditions, from tree lightings and concerts to wrapping packages and
    scurrying to meet overseas holiday shipping deadlines. In the midst of the
    hustle and bustle, don’t forget that Military OneSource is here with expert
    assistance and support for your best MilLife. This issue highlights:

    – Making holiday connections with your service member, even when you’re


    – Learning about the new retirement system and the changes that start
    next month

    – Jumpstarting your education with SECO

    – Expanding your world with 12 new resources from the MWR Digital

    Be part of our online webinar Thursday, Nov. 30, “12 Tips for Navigating the

    Overseas Holiday Season.” Learn more about this resource-rich webinar:

    The holidays are a wonderful time. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and explore
    Military OneSource can help prepare you for the holidays and the new year:


    4. Military Youth Events – Dec 17

    Please see the attachment for information.

    5. Employment Opportunities

    a. Lowes- Hiring Event – all of Maine- 7-8 Dec 18
    See the attached flyer for more information. These positions are not

    b. Blue Gas Flame Company – Rangley

    c. Veteran Internships @ U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

    Good morning, as most of you know, I serve as the Veterans Employment
    Manager (VEPM) for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Wanted to
    you to a an incredibly successful strategy we’ve used nationally, and that I
    oversee, that has assisted CBP in placing numerous veterans with
    into the agency. We partner with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA),
    Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E), Non-Paid Work Experience
    internship program for our non-law enforcement mission support occupations
    (i.e. Intelligence Research Specialists, Mission Support Specialists, CBP
    Technicians, Import Specialists, Management and Program Analysts, etc.).
    Asking that you alert your transitioning service-members and veterans about
    the following process for obtaining NPWE internship placement within my
    via the following steps below.

    The Non-Paid Work Experience (NPWE) internship program is used by all
    agencies by providing eligible veterans and service members with
    service-connected disabilities who participate in the VA’s Vocational
    Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) <
    https://www.benefits.va.gov/vocrehab/ program the opportunity to
    obtain concurrent training and practical job experience within CBP program
    offices nationally. The NPWE internship program can be used to place
    transitioning service-members 6 months from separation and veterans in any
    series or grade. CBP has used this program to place numerous veterans into
    GS-7 through GS-14 positions in a myriad of Mission Support roles over the
    past 3 years.

    NPWE selectees receive a small monthly stipend from the VA and are full-time
    assignments for between 6-12 months in duration. As you may know, the VR&E
    program enables most NPWE veterans to complete their certifications,
    or master’s degrees, which aids their transition into the civilian labor
    market; the NPWE internship serves as a vehicle to the veterans’ placement
    within CBP (and other Federal agencies nationally) by affording them 48
    of education entitlement as opposed to the 36 months that GI Bill provides.

    CBP Placement Process for NPWE Program

    To participate a service-member and/or veteran should:

    * Independently enroll and be accepted into theVA’s Vocational
    Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) <
    Caution-https://www.benefits.va.gov/vocrehab/ > program;

    * Request participation in the NPWE internship program asking their VA
    counselor contact Jeff Jack (Jeffrey.R.Jack@cbp.dhs.gov <
    Caution-mailto:Jeffrey.R.Jack@cbp.dhs.gov > ) so that we can discuss next
    steps, which include having me disseminate their resumes among my interested
    offices of their choosing; and identifying which GS series/grades are
    available in their geographic area;

    * The prospective NPWE participantMUST have their VA counselor or
    employment coordinator first approve their involvement in the VA NPWE
    internship before I can begin identifying internships within my agency for

    * Once selected by one of our CBP program offices, we require all VA
    participants to complete a full background investigation (BI) prior to
    beginning their internship and they are able to work full-time schedules for
    to 12 months. Within my agency (CBP), a full BI is initiated once the
    provisional clearance has been granted and can take up to six months to
    complete prior to interns being able to begin their internship with us.

    * Upon BI completion veterans intern for between 6 to 12 months and can
    be selected for non-competitive hiring into full-time positions at any time
    during that period of time. I also advocate forcefully for their placement,
    which is why we have an 80% conversion rate of past participants into
    full-time positions.

    Most importantly for your service-members and veterans, I’ve also attached
    “Employment Handicap Defined by VA Vocational Rehabilitation” document that
    prospective participants will want to review prior to their appointments
    VA. This document describes the criteria for entitlement to the VR&E
    and affords your folks a window into the correct protocol for determining
    entry or non-entitlement for this program that VA counselors also use to
    these decisions.

    POC,Jeffrey R. Jack, MHS, CRC,Veterans Program Manager,National
    Recruitment,Talent Management Directorate,DHS/Customs and Border Protection
    Jeffrey.R.Jack@cbp.dhs.gov , Tel: 202-281-8268

    d. March Career Expo – Augusta

    Wendy J. Moody
    Maine Transition Assistance Advisor (TAA)
    Skyline Ultd. Inc., Contractor
    Work: (207) 430-5778
    Fax: (207) 626-4218
    Email: wendy.j.moody2.ctr@mail.mil

    SURVEY: Your satisfaction is important to us. Please take 30 seconds to
    let us know how we are doing!

    Click here: https://surveymonkey.com/r/TAACustomerSat2017

    Providing direction to State and Federal benefits with compassion of someone
    who has been there.All service members and veterans.all branches and

    DISCLAIMER: Skyline Ultd. Inc. Transition Assistance Advisor Program, in
    support of the National Guard and Reserves, does not endorse individual
    companies or agencies. The information provided herein is distributed in
    the event you may wish to take advantage of the stated offer or event. This
    message is not an endorsement for the company/organization or its affiliates
    named within the content of the message.



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