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Week Ending Sunday, March 18, 2018

Volume 9, Issue 11



Our hearts are saddened after the shooting at a Veterans home in Napa County, California this past week.

Several hours after a hostage situation the shooter Albert Wong, 36, of Sacramento, a former client of the Pathway Home program and his three hostages, employees of the program at the Veterans Home of California in Yountville, about an hour’s drive north of San Francisco were found dead.

Brian Goder, a resident of the Veterans home who was under lockdown for hours in the main dining room of the Veterans home, told the Associated Press that he saw more than a dozen armed troops walking to the building in which the suspect and hostages are located. The officers wearing fatigues could be seen in a video he posted on Facebook, but it wasn’t immediately clear what agency they were from.

Also as you have heard, Secretary Shulkin may very well be replaced, however the word is that the position as been offered to the Secretary of Energy which in our opinion is even a worse move as this person has no experience with medicine and working with and for Veterans.

We do feel the need to remove Shulkin quickly before things become even worse than he has made them already, but there certainly has to be a much better choice for Secretary of the VA.

And it’s also been reported that Shulkin has a body guard who has been instructed not to allow anyone near him including his own staff! But, what I’d like to know is why does he fear his own staff?

But Chief of staff John Kelly summoned Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary David Shulkin to the White House last week and told him to stop creating drama in his agency, so this is unclear if he’s being given another chance, or if the rumors are true that President Trump will replace him.

Keep in mind we are seeking replacement!

Dr. Sarah Kemble the former chief of medicine of the VA’s Central Western Massachusetts Medical Facility in Leeds on her death bed had reported of systemic failures with this facility, now, we wonder what the VAOIG will do with her information now that she has passed on.

If and when anything comes out, we will certainly be sure to pass that along to you!

On behalf of our Volunteers nationwide and myself, we wish you and your family good health!

Jim Davis


Register for TRICARE Webinar on Your Preventive Care Benefits

Do you know your preventive health care benefits? Join us on Thursday, March 29, from 1 to 2 p.m. (ET) for the “Understanding Your TRICARE Preventive Care Benefits” webinar. TRICARE covers preventive services, like screenings, vaccines and physical exams to help you stay as healthy as possible. This webinar will cover recent changes to coverage for clinical preventive services with TRICARE Select, as well as enhancements to existing coverage.

Read the full article here.

Remember Those who Served

VA Health Data To Transfer Easier Than DoD’s To New EHR System

Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.), chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, returned from a recent visit to Fairchild Air Force Base, WA, alarmed that the Department of Veterans Affairs might have made a bad decision last June to replace its legacy electronic health record system, VistA, with the same commercial off-the-shelf system that the military is adopting, starting with Pacific Northwest bases. For more details, see this Military Advantage post.


CalVet to meet with Central Valley Native American and Rural Veterans

WHO: Elizabeth Perez, Deputy Secretary, California Department of Veterans Affairs and Owens Valley Career Development Center – Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

WHAT: Native American and Rural Veterans Benefits and Claims Workshop

WHEN: Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 9 a.m.

WHERE: Owens Valley Career TANF, 5070 N 6th Street #110, Fresno, CA

EVENT: CalVet is providing a free workshop developed to assist veterans in applying for local, state, and federal veteran benefits. One-on-one assistance from the Fresno County Veterans Service Office is available the day of the workshop. Additionally, CalVet will be providing information to tribal leadership on the Veteran Housing and Homelessness Prevention Program that will award $75 million in funding round four beginning in April.

This is the second of three meetings with tribes and rural veterans across the state to assist veterans with claims and information.

VFC Website

The Veterans-For-Change website has been under construction since day one back in 2009 and every day since then. The looks pretty much stay the same, but in the background constant improvement and change is being done to make our website the most user friendly “One-Stop-Shop” website to find almost everything you might have tried to find searching the internet.

Almost a hundred people have been involved; collecting web links to documents now houses on the VFC website, collecting thousands of web links for various issues, illnesses and benefits. Creating forums for all eras of service and two forums one just for men and one just for woman where you can go question, comment, share medical and personal concerns, what ever you’d like it to be.

We also have a forum with a licensed Mental Health Worker, again where you can seek help or just ask questions.

We average 2,100 hits per day, and downloads average 1,200 per day with a total 3,946,651 visitors as of Friday.

If you subscribe you will have full access to the entire website and best of all it’s FREE of charge! You just need a valid E-mail address so the system can send you a confirmation E-Mail. Once received, click on the link to be authorized automatically.

• Documents Library with over 16,387 documents on-line (Updated: 02/20/18)
• FAQ’s with more than 1,600 FAQ’s and answers
• Multiple Forums
o Afghanistan Veterans
o FMP – Foreign Medial Program
o Gulf War & Desert Storm Veterans
o Iraq Veterans
o Korean Veterans
o Men Veterans Forum
o Mental Health for Veterans (Counselor Needed)
o Political Issues
o Suggestion Box
o The Mess Hall
o VA Hospitals and Medical Centers
o Veteran Affairs
o Vietnam Veterans
o Welcome Mat
o Women Veterans Forum
o WW II Veterans
• Job Postings
• Memorial Pages (Updated: 01/11/18)
• News (Articles On-Line: 7,196)
• Polls
• Web Links, more than 3,625, Added 6 New Links (Updated: 02/19/18)

If you have a submission for the memorial pages, E-Mail:

Heroic Service

Commemorating Women’s History Month

Every March marks women’s history month by recognizing the contributions made and the glass ceilings broken each day by women in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. For features, videos and more, visit Women’s History Month page.


Restore Your VA Benefits

The Colmery Act (also known as the Forever GI Bill) includes significant education benefit changes that may affect you. Did you lose your Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) education benefits due to a school closure or disapproval? You may be able to restore your benefits. Learn more and apply at Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Education and Training website.


LT Bobby Ross

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LT Bobby Ross


Remember this site is an Internet Adventure. All you need do is click on the pictures and any highlighted word, and you are launched to another world in Cyberspace. Try it! So much fun!


Event Will Honor Vietnam Veterans, Commemorate 50th Anniversary of Vietnam War

WHO: Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 500, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet)

WHAT: Ceremony to thank and honor Vietnam veterans for their service and to present lapel pins commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War.

WHEN: Thursday, March 29, 2018 – noon National Vietnam War Veterans Day

WHERE: Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Capitol Park, 15th Street at Capitol Avenue behind the Rose Garden, Sacramento, CA 95814

EVENT: Each year, Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 500 hosts a ceremony to honor Vietnam veterans and provide the “welcome home” that was missing when they returned home years ago. This year, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, the event will be co-hosted with CalVet and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. All Vietnam veterans are invited to attend and receive a commemorative lapel pin in honor of their service to our nation. Pins will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. The public is welcome to attend.

BACKGROUND: Nearly three and a half million Americans served in the United States military during the Vietnam War and related conflicts in Southeast Asia between 1959 and 1975. More than 58,000 U.S. service members died during the Vietnam War, including 5,656 Californians.

The U.S. Vietnam War Commemoration began on Memorial Day in 2012 and will conclude on Veterans Day in 2025. The period of November 1, 1955 to May 15, 1975 is being used to recognize the service and sacrifice of those who served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces. November 1, 1955 was selected to coincide with the official designation of Military Assistance Advisory Group-Vietnam (MAAG-V), and May 15, 1975 marks the end of the battle precipitated by the seizure of the SS Mayaguez. U.S. involvement in Vietnam started slowly with an initial deployment of advisors in the early 1950s, grew incrementally through the early 1960s and expanded with the deployment of full combat units in July 1965. The last U.S. personnel were evacuated from Vietnam in April 1975.

For more information, visit:

Vietnam War Commemoration:

Cost of Freedom

Recent Education Benefit Changes Explained

The Department of Veteran Affairs and the National Military Family Association (NMFA) recently

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