VVA: Is VA on the way to being privatized? 10:38 AM

Rachael Maddow of MSNBC just reported the president-elect Donald Trump is having his first meeting with a veterans service organization, Concern Veterans of America, tomorrow.

The CVA favors privatizing the VA, and numerous sources report that it appears to be a front for the Koch brothers.
Its unique IRS status does not required detailed financial support.
Concerned Veterans for America – SourceWatch

Another source:

Wall Street Journal report yesterday helped prove. (July 2016)
“Donald Trump says the Department of Veterans Affairs’ health-care system is badly broken, and this week his campaign released some guidelines that would steer changes he would implement if he wins the presidency.
While short on details, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee would likely push VA health care toward privatization and might move for it to become more of an insurance provider like Medicare rather than an integrated hospital system, said Sam Clovis, Mr. Trump’s chief policy adviser, in an interview.
Clovis told the newspaper, “We want quality care top to bottom. If that means we have some form of privatization or some form of Medicare, we don’t see anything wrong with that.”
Wall Street Journal is a Republican leaning newspaper.
I hope that the general public does not confuse the CVA with the VVA.
Don’t take my word, check it out!  I never heard of the CVA in any of the battles over veteran health care and benefits.  So how come is the CVA first in line?
Len Ignatowski
Vientam Veterans of America Chapter 227

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